Body Treatments You'll Love


Indulge in one of Spa 2000's new body glow treatments! Choose a restorative hydrating body mask, Or an Exfoliating scrub, for total body relaxation and feeling of complete bliss when you leave.

These treatments can remove dry skin, stimulate the circulatory system, and leave you with full body hydration. They are 90min. long and include a choice of scented products for skin rejuvenation, steam bath, shower, and massage for relaxation! If you have dry flaky skin, eczema, or other skin conditions, or just a build up of products such as sunscreens, or bug sprays, or just need to relax, and stimulate your senses, this is the perfect treatment!!

"This is so much better than a massage!" said one customer! "I feel so relaxed, and soft!" said another!

To top it off, add in a facial mask to give your whole body the treat it needs to feel restored to new!!

Cellu M6 Intragral B Endermologie™ at Spa 2000!

The Cellu M6® Integral B is to help to create elasticity in your skin for a more youthful, healthy appearance. The Ergodrive, a patented treatment head for the body, revolutionizes the body treatment technique providing effective results faster, and that last longer.

Applications include:

Our online spa menu DOES NOT reflect the NEW Endermologie pricing, it will be updated in the near future. The new pricing is as below.

Packages for this new treatment are as follows:

This also included 1/2 price Sauna or Flotation sessions, during the duration of your package!

Body Wraps

Come enjoy a luxurious spa body wrap and achieve skin that radiates and is soft to the touch. Our body wraps are designed to cleanse and replenish your skin, while allowing you to completely relax.

Contour Body Wrap

Our contour wraps are the most popular wrap we offer at Spa 2000! It has many benefits, including detoxifying cellulite, skin, and organs. The best thing is that you can lose inches that can remain permanent by leading a healthy lifestyle!

M'lis Wrap

This wrap can be done without or with measurements, for those that are watching their inches. It is a guaranteed inch loss either way. Your body is prepared with the wrap, then you will lay in luxury for 45 minutes in our hydro massage bed. Spend the time relaxing and releasing all of your worries away. So simple and so great!

Other benefits of the contour body wrap include:

External benefits of a wrap include

Vichy Hydrotherapy

M'lis Cellulite Home Care Kit

Ever thought of lying in a warm tropical climate with the shower of tropical rain flowing over you? This is how Vichy Hydrotherapy feels. This service is done with 2 staff members giving you a tandem experience! It is an invigorating warm water massage, done in conjunction with some of our spa services, such as: