M'lis Natural Health & Herbal Supplements

Spa 2000 has carried M'lis herbal supplements for the last 15 years. We have worked closely with the M'lis company who has been in business for over 30 years, to keep up to date on all the new health issues and concerns that are affecting people today. Using Natural or Homeopathic Medicine has helped many to overcome health issue without all of the prescription medications.

We are proud to carry the full line of M'lis herbal supplements. We use the product for an internal detoxification, and a life transformation program. We have programs for weight loss that will increase your energy, satisfy your appetite, and help you lose up to 10-15 lbs/month. We also have a program for Fibromyalgia, a syndrome that can take an active life and make it debilitating. We have helped many who are living now symptom free for years, with little to no medications outside the daily supplements and diet M'lis offers. We have many programs that are lifestyle changing, such as Candida, hormone balance, arthritis, lupus, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and it has helped children with ADD & Autism!

Having a lifestyle change has proven to stop the path of unhealthy destruction to our bodies with poor diet, lack of exercise and prescription medication. Using a diet change, internal body detoxification, and exercise will give your life vitality, energy, overall good health. Body detoxification is recommended 4 times a year! We are now offering Behavior Modification Classes, find out how you can take control of your life and what you put into your body. It's an 8 week program with one night a week education sessions. First night is a free information session. Then, get set up to change your life for good! Call for a consultation if you'd like more information.


"I am still trying to believe how well this program has worked for me. After taking prescription medication for 11 years of my life, my skin never cleared so quickly as when I used the M'lis products and detox methods... I am no longer held back by this disease and I don't have to be afraid of my skin, I love my skin." — Kristina, Wellness Program

"For 5 years my 29-year-old daughter suffered with heavy and painful periods as well as ovarian cysts. After discovering and taking M'lis Balance for a month, she found that her painful periods and ovarian cysts were gone. Balance has changed my daughter's life because she is now pain free allowing her to lead a happier, healthier more productive life." — Sandra, Balance

"I'm back! I've lost 56 pounds and feel like myself again." — Cindy, Weight Loss Program

"I'm on an upward trend and never looking back. I have a new life! I feel healthier than ever before. My aches and pains and depression are over. I took control. I did it!" — Ardella, Weight Loss Program

"I don't know where I would be today without this program. It truly saved me from a life of feeling miserable all the time." — Shari, Fibromyalgia & Candida Program

"I feel better than I ever have and I have a whole new outlook on life. The pain is minimal and my day-to-day functions are back to normal, my speech is back and I feel alive again. The M'lis Fibromyalgia program works wonders and I strongly recommend it to anyone suffering from chronic pain." — Chris, Fibromyalgia Program

"I am Candida free now, 26 pounds lighter, and the best part is... I feel fabulous. I begin every day so thankful for my newfound health." — Cindy, Candida Program

"After a little over two months, I feel like a new woman. No more hot flashes, night sweats or irritability. I've controlled my menopause symptoms naturally with proper nutrition, exercise and natural supplements. I feel better than I ever have, even in my 20s." — Betty, Natural Hormone Therapy Program

"After the very first body contour treatment, the shape of my thighs evened out. It was visibly apparent to myself and the photographers. I felt toned, energetic and cleansed." — Toni, Swimsuit Model, Body Contouring Program

"After 8 weeks of using M'lis skin care products and facials, my skin feels a lot better to the touch. I will not go back on Retin A or antibiotics, but will continue to use M'lis. My skin is tighter around my face and I look better, making me less self-conscious." — Heidi, Skin Care Program